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Fukrey is a soundtrack that really captures the excitement of the youth; flawlessly mixing electronica with bhangra and usual Bollywood music.

The title track starts like a usual bhangra based dance track. But once the melody comes in with heavily distorted guitars playing the chords, you are hooked. The lyrics are just too catchy and powerful. In the middle of the song a heavy dubstep beat comes in and you are floored.

Beda paar is also a great song. The bassline is amazing and comes in right from the start. And the electronica and bhangra fusion maybe overdone but is done quite tastefully here. Unfortunately Lag gayi lottery continues the same theme but is slightly more clichéd and usual. It has the same house music vibe, though the vocals are exceptional with pleasant harmonies. Rabba also has exceedingly interesting vibes and beats but the vocals are a little letting down.

But the most interesting song is Karle jugaad karle which somehow without any warning mixes qawwali with rock. Distorted guitars and clapping swing beats is a great combination and works great in the song. Kailash Kher’s voice is worth a few paragraphs at least. Hitting impossible notes with ease and drawing the interest of people with his mastery, he makes the song work. This album is a part of the new era in Bollywood music and Ram Sampath’s ideas and mastery of execution are all present in this album.

Verdict: Good.

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