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Ghanchakkar is a short album featuring four loony tracks composed by Amit Trivedi.

The title track Ghanchakkar Babu is a quirky, catchy and extremely hummable number packed with delightful-sounding nonsensical lyrics – spontaneous jholumpatti, continuous thukampatti, nalasopara dekho sayonara etc. placed on a disco bed. Trivedi renders this number in an easy, casual manner that suits the madcap composition perfectly.

The terrific Richa Sharma gives Lazy lad an endearing Punjabi-ness that turns out to be the highlight of this charming number. A catchy whistle prelude and Trivedi’s splendidly entertaining arrangement will ensure you’re hooked.

In Allah meherbaan, Trivedi merges two contrasting genres – traditional qawalli and electronic pop – to deliver a superbly catchy song. Divya Kumar’s strong rendition is another reason this song works.

Sadly, the highly talked-about return of Altaf Raja in Jholu Ram disappoints. The nostalgic factor just doesn’t work. Trivedi packs this composition with comic effects, a chorus that sounds like Tamil and some smooth saxophone notes, but it doesn’t quite fall in place.

The soundtrack of Ghanchakkar is crisp and enjoyable!

Verdict: Crazy fun!

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