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Director Amardeep Singh Gill and leading man Deep Sidhu in conversation with Komal Sharma about their upcoming Punjabi film Jora 10 Numbaria

Amardeep Singh Gill (ASG): I live in Punjab and I have witnessed the gangster culture there for the last two decades. It exists in Bihar, Mumbai and other parts of the country. We have seen movies based on Mumbai gangsters. Unfortunately, many movies portray things that misguide today’s youth and, through my movie, I want young people to know that they’re being trapped and this is not good for their future. I want to show them the reality. This was my main motivation to make this movie.  

What is Jora 10 Numbaria all about?


 Deep, what made you say yes to this film?


Deep Sidhu (DS): I knew that Gill sahib was working on this script for the last four years. It is an aspect of society which has not been shown. We love to discuss music, comedy and other such things but there are some things that need to be shown to make people aware of them. Also, my director thought I was perfect for the role of Jora, which I play in this film. It’s a very intellectual kind of cinema that we are presenting and I wanted to be a part of it.  

 How did Dhamendra sir  come on board?


ASG: I was looking for someone who could deliver my movie’s tagline, which says that ‘politics is the last refuge of scoundrels’. I was working on the central character and I needed him to say this tag line. For that, I needed a great star to play this

power-packed role. So when I discussed this character with my producer and leading man Deep Sidhu, he suggested Dharamji for the role. We were making a Punjabi film, he’s a great star and there’s no one else like Dharam ji. We were lucky that he agreed. 

Can you tell us a little more about your film? 


ASG: So, we have Dharamji as Jagga, who is an old gangster. He is in custody but he still runs the entire network. Deep Sindhu, the main protagonist, plays the role of Jora. It is an emotional story of a kid, who is born and raised in circumstances that glorify a criminal way of life. So, basically, this is the journey of Jora, who wants to be a criminal and why he wants to be one.

As a director, what kind of difficulties did you face while making this film?

ASG: For me, the most obvious difficulty was making this film in Punjabi. I wouldn’t have faced any challenges had I made this film in Hindi or Marathi. Also, I want to make films on offbeat subjects that are still not recognised as social issues in Punjab. If I had made this film in Hindi, I would have got producers but it is very difficult getting producers for subjects like this in Punjab.

 Do you think that the reach of regional films is restricted due to the language barrier?


ASG: I believe in just one thing – that cinema doesn’t have a language. So a film should be made in such a way that you don’t require audio to understand it. Even though I am Punjabi, I have watched the Marathi film Sairat three times. I think if you make a good film, people will react and applaud you. 

DS: Yes, I too believe that cinema has no language. By making this film, we wanted to show the world what Punjabi cinema is capable of.

 What kind of release have you planned. for this film and what are your expectations from it?


ASG: This will release in Punjab. We will also release this film in Haryana, Rajasthan, UP and Maharashtra. It doesn’t matter how much money this film makes. We just want people to say that we have made a good film. 

DS: People are talking about our film. Even Mr Bhansali (Sanjay Leela Bhansali) watched the teaser and said, ‘Wow!’ This film intellectually explains the situation to you. And that’s what Jeetuji (Jeetendra) said and he too loved the teaser.

 What’s next for you?


ASG: I am doing a couple of films, one of them with Deep Sidhu. It will be a sequel to Jora 10 Numbaria.

DS: I am doing a film on sports. I prefer content-driven films.

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