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Government of India announces new initiatives at Cannes 2019 to promote Indian film industry across the globe

Indian delegation under the leadership of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MIB) secretary Shri Amit Khare made important announcements at Cannes Film Festival this year, affirming commitment of the Indian Government to make Indian film industry a global force.

Some of the policies include significant steps towards supporting independent film makers by way of a co-production film fund, incentivising foreign productions for filming in India, single window clearance mechanism for filming in India for foreign and Indian film producers through web portal under the Film Facilitation Office and promoting single-screen cinema exhibition in smaller towns in India.

Producers Guild of India represented by its Chief Executive Officer, Kulmeet Makkar at Cannes this year played a very significant part in taking these initiatives forward by strengthening global alliances.

Shri Ashok Parmar, Joint Secretary- Films, (MIB) Government of India tweeted, “#Cannes2019 Policy decisions for India. Incentives to foreign film makers to shoot in India.financing co-production of film to Indian producer Ease of filming in India by single window facilitation through webportal.Promotion of single screen theatres in small towns.”

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Kulmeet Makkar, Chief Executive Officer, Producers Guild Of India said, "It was an honour to be part of the growth vision shared by the Indian Government for the Indian film industry at Cannes film festival this year. National co-production film fund will allow film facilitation & filming incentives. In addition, decision of the Government of India to provide fiscal support to grow single screens in India can be a game changer. I am delighted with these announcements as these initiatives have been taken for the first time ever by any Indian Government. I take this opportunity to compliment Government of India, Secretary, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MIB) Shri Amit Khare and the Joint Secretary of MIB, Shri Ashok Parmar."

Makkar further added, “This year at Cannes, we are happy to further strengthen our existing relationships with Producers Guild of America (PGA), Film France, and Nordic Film Commission and at the same time, Producers Guild of India signed a fresh MOU with European Film Commissioners Network which will boost film productions in India and the entire Europe. In addition, there are many other alliances in the pipeline including a formal working relationship with the Canadian media producers association.”

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