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The Great Indian Butterfly (English)

The Great Indian Butterfly, in essence, is an adult theme about a couple stressed out beyond redumption leading to estrangement from each other despite being together. It is a road movie for most of its part; the couple, having decided to take a week off from work to chill out in Goa while also looking for a mythical butterfly which finds mention even in the epic, Mahabharat. The butterfly is said to bring peace, prosperity and unbound luck.

The couple Krish (Amir Bashir) and Meera (Sandhya Mridul) drive down to Goa seeking peace but the way they fight argue and bicker, let alone Goa, they would not find peace and happiness even if they were in paradise!

Krish has an affair going on with Keol Purie, while Meera’s conscious bites because she chose to abort a child for her career. There comes a moment when the couple parts and Krish continues his search of the Carodiguez Valley, where the butterfly is to be found. Finally, he meets Joan Carodiguez himself who drives home the fact that it is when you find peace and harmony within yourself and your mate, you have found the great Indian butterfly, a symbol of peace.

Most of the film is picturised on road and in the car, thus limiting the scope for histrionics. Amir Bashir is okay while Sandhya Mridul is better and Koel Purie is economical, taking a single expression all through her part.

Direction is average. Songs, as is the trend nowadays, play in background and are functional; background score being soothing. Photography is pleasing.

A bickering, fighting family could well be right next door to you. Would one pay hard bucks to watch another in a cinema hall whatever the ultimate message? Obviously not!

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