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Guess this actor who was thrown out of the project he initiated by the producer he got on board?

The film industry is an unfair place, and people get harsh reminders of this fact from time to time. Take this young actor who collaborated with a person from their management team to bring to the screen a story that is one of the proudest moments in India’s history. The actor, who has not been seeing much success with his films at the moment, got a big-time producer on board for the project who in turn got a bigger production house they are associated with to back the film. Now, with everything set up for pre-production to begin, the big-time producer has turned the tables and kicked out the actor who brought him the project in the first place. The project is now being made with another actor who is not only more popular among the masses but also has bigger hits to his credit.

As the classic saying goes, ‘All is fair in love and war’… and, well, Bollywood, too.

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