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Guess Who: This star kid’s second film was shelved because of no leading lady?

While a first film means a lot to an actor, the second film means even more, at times, as it validates the work they put into their debut. This star kid actor who made his debut not long ago was praised for his performance in a film that did not bring in the moolah at the box office. Despite that, there was an announcement from a young and reputed production house taking him on in their upcoming project. It has been some time since this announcement and there have been no developments with the film.

Here’s the clincher. When the film was announced, the makers had neither a script nor an idea ready. After they got a base concept, they approached A-list actresses to star in their film but the actresses turned them down as they did not want star opposite this newbie. Now that there is neither a script nor actress, the film has reportedly been shelved. We wonder how this production houses explains this publicly.

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