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The Hangman,

Cast: Om Puri, Gulshan  Grover, Smita Jayakar, Shreyas Talpade, Tom  Alter,Anita Kanwar,  Nazneen Ghani, Amrita  Bedi
Director: Vishal Bhandari
Producer: Bipin Patel
Story: K Srinivasa Rao
Cinematographers: A S Kanal, Mahesh Aney
Music Directors: Siddharth, Suhas, Chandresh
Banner: Akshar Media  Productions

The Hangman is about a professional hangman (Om Puri) who lives with a guilt ridden conscious due to his profession. He wants his son, Shreyas Talpade, to live a decent  life and entrusts him to the  good hearted jail superintendent (Gulshan Grover).  Shreyas is sent to town to train as a policeman. But, things take turn and the hangman finds his own  son behind bars and in  the line to be hanged. This is a dark film with nil entertainment quotient.

What is the purpose of making such a morbid film that does not cater to a logical mind? Also one wonders why the film has been made in English.

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