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Hanuman Vs Mahiravana movie review: The animated mythological tale was brilliantly executed, but could have been more entertaining

Banners: Green Gold Pictures, Gamaya

Producers: Rajiv Chilaka, Samir Jain, Srinivas Chilakalapudi

Director: Dr Ezhil Vendan

Writer: Narayanan Vaidyanathan

When Rama fought Ravana to bring back his wife Sita, there was a time when he almost lost the war. Mahiravana, Ravana’s brother, a demon with magical powers, would have sacrificed Rama and his brother Lakshman, if not for the timely intervention of Hanuman. Hanuman Vs Mahiravana is the story of Hanuman’s bravery as he races against time and saves the day. The story begins with two young children, Maya and Jay, who are visiting an archeological excavation site with their father. Here, they meet their father’s boss Dr Dev, who tells them about an untold story from the Ramayana. Ravana is almost in the clutches of defeat. His chariot is broken and he is lying on the ground, shaken and hurt. He expects Rama to kill him, but Rama, being the upholder of righteousness, tells him to return to his palace. “We will resume the fight tomorrow and I will end this war,” Rama says.

Vibheeshan tries to reason with his brother Ravana and tells him to give back Sita. But he does not listen and returns to his palace with a bruised ego. He decides to use his brother Mahiravana, a wizard with great powers, to kill Rama and Lakshman. He sends his spies to Mahiravana who is eagerly waiting to sacrifice two more princes so that he can become invincible. In the meantime, Vibheeshan gets to know of Ravana’s plan. He warns Hanuman and sends Rama and Lakshman to a safe place. But Mahiravana manages to kidnap the brothers. Vibheeshan sends Hanuman to bring them back. The only way to do so is by killing Mahiravana, whose life lies in five lamps, all of which have to be blown off at the same time. How Hanuman manages to kill Mahiravana and bring the brothers back forms rest of the story.

The animation in the film is very good. The details of the characters and the locations are done well. The 3D element is brilliantly executed. The background score is impressive, though the presence of two songs in the film seems out of place, especially in an animation film. The dialogues do not sync with the characters’ lip movements, something that is done so well in Hollywood animation films. But this should not eclipse the effort put in by the makers of this film. At 91 minutes, it seems a bit long. A little more editing could have made the film an entertaining watch.

Verdict: Worth a watch!

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