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Hello… Hum Lallan Bol Rahe Hain

It took almost two years for this movie to hit the marquee and was announced at a time when filmmakers were trying to break the myth and present Rajpal Yadav as an actor. Looks like director Dilip Shukla is still trying!

No doubt, Yadav, being a competent actor, tries his best to breathe life into the film but loose screenplay and the way it is handled has marred its prospects.

The story lacks novelty. It’s the same old tale of a responsible and caring leading man, played by Yadav (as security guard), sincere and devoted, the kind one sees every leading actor play in every movie, week after week. 

To prove his integrity, Shukla has Yadav scurrying to prevent a jewel heist during lunch hour. Yadav even gets a bravery award! Very innovative.

As we said, our leading man is a helpful bloke (ever seen a hero who isn’t?) Now a touch of romance. Enter Preeti Mehra, a village girl who Yadav falls in love with. Of course, the young lass has no idea.

But you plod along anyway, waiting for a twist. Instead, all you get is scene after scene of tried and tested formula. So the girl is forced to marry a rich old man and guess who helps muster the money to save her – Good old trusty Yadav!

But wait, there is a twist! Two, actually. The village lass expresses her desire to marry a village boy played by Vicky Sethi. Aha, it’s not Yadav! Finally, she realises that Yadav is the man for her, after she finds out that he had tried to selflessly raise funds for her to marry the other village boy! Phew!

The film also has Ketaki Dave in her typical Gujarati-style comedy role though she does make you smile a while in a few scenes. Makrand Anaspure as Yadav’s friend is competent. Manoj Joshi as a greedy and autocratic father is loud. Preeti Mehra is not heroine material. 

In a nutshell, no one will listen to this Lallan Singh.

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