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Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek is a mostly single location suspense thriller shot in a shopping mall which, as the title suggests, offers all the scope for the game.

One Christmas, a motley group of teenagers, four boys and two girls, are in a celebratory mood. Om Jaiswal (Purab Kohli), Jaideep Mahajan (Arjan Bajwa), Jyotika Jhalani (Mrinalini Sharma), Abhimanyu Jaiswal (Samir Kochhar), Imran Baig  (Ayaz Khan), Gunita Sodhi (Amruta Patki) and they decide to play a game of hide and seek which leads to the death of one of them. While the real culprit gets away, the needle of suspicion falls on Om Jaiswal. He is consigned to a mental asylum though not explained why not in jail. Back home after 12 years, Om is still trying to come to terms with the ordeals of his life when the group members of the Christmas night 12 years back get a two word note “Caught you”.

Next they know they all find themselves locked in a mall and through a giant TV screen asked to play the same game of Hide and Seek they played 12 years ago. What follows is a game of death with each suspecting the other and a surprising end. Loosely borrowed from the Hollywood film, I Know What You Did Last Summer, the film counts mostly on the background score and spring surprises on the scared lot by turn for effect.

The subject, though fairly well adapted, takes some convenient liberties.

Direction is taut. Dialogue is day to day kind, especially of Arjan Bajwa. Songs are incidental.
Performances are generally good with Purab Kohli and Arjan Bajwa coming tops. Amruta Patki has more footage and justifies it. Samir Kochhar, Ayaz Khan and Mrinalini Sharma are good.

The opening has been poor, shows having been cancelled at many centres Hide & Seek is a non starter.

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