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Howdy Houston?

Jewel of the American south, futuristic edifices and an easygoing culture… Cowboy Country lassoes filmmakers of all genres.

Houston, the largest city in the state of Texas, and the fourth-largest city in the United States, is home of the Texas Medical Center – the world’s largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions – and NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where the Mission Control Center is located.Rated as a global city, Houston’s economy has a broad industrial base and along with it, the city has a population from various ethnic and religious backgrounds and a large and growing international community. Houston has an active visual and performing arts scene in the Theater District and offers year-round resident companies in all major performing arts.

Houston is a cosmopolitan destination, filled with world-class dining, arts, hotels, shopping and nightlife. Shoot through the historic Heights, the Museum District or head down to Space Center Houston; there’s something for every genre of filmmaker to explore in this Southern hospitality-meets-urban chic city.Millions of people come to Houston to visit its magnificent museums. The parks are also known for their beauty and unique floral collections. Nature Center and Arboretum, Memorial Park and Tranquility Park attract hundreds of thousands of people every day. The total number of parks is an astonishing 337. The spectacular Sam Houston Park has been renovated to make it look like the 19th century buildings.

Houston’s climate is classified as humid subtropical. During the summer, it is common for temperature to reach over 32° C. Winters are mild. The average high in January, the coldest month, is 17° C, while the average low is 7° C.

The Incentive Programme for Houston falls under the Texas incentive programme. It offers qualifying productions the opportunity to receive a payment of 5 per cent to 17.5 per cent of eligible Texas spending or 8 per cent to 29.25 per cent of eligible wages paid to Texas residents, depending on budget levels and types of productions, on completion of a review of their Texas expenditures. Both live-action and animated projects are eligible.This incentive program is in addition to Texas’s Sales Tax Exemptions.

Programme Overview

• Tiered incentive payments of 5 per cent to 17.5 per cent of eligible Texas spending or 8 per cent to 29.25 per cent of eligible wages paid to Texas residents.

• Possible bonus of 2.5 per cent if 25 per cent of production completed in underutilised area for total tax spending.

• Possible bonus of 4.25 per cent if 25 per cent of production completed in underutilised area for wages.

• Texas spending can include eligible pre-production, production and post-production expenditures.

• No cap on incentive amount.

Minimum Qualifications

• $ 250,000 in Texas spending

• 60 per cent of shooting days completed in Texas• 70 per cent of paid crew must be Texas residents

• 70 per cent of paid cast (including extras) must be Texas residents

Certificate of Insurance – The use of public property requires that the production company supply the City of Houston with a liability insurance certificate in the aggregate amount of one million dollars per incident. The certificate can be faxed directly to the insurance company. The Registration Form and Certificate of Insurance should be sent to the insurance comapny prior to filming.

Houston Police Department – If your shoot requires traffic control or pedestrian control or the blocking of a lane or street, you will need to hire Houston police officers.

Houston Fire Department – For the use of squibs and pyrotechnics, a Fire Marshall will be required to be on the sets. Additional special effects and chemical use may also require this.

Sound Ordinance – You can obtain a permit for excessive noise for productions requiring loud music playback or late night noise.

Parks and Recreation – A permit is required for filming in City of Houston parks.

Fast Facts
• Country: USA
• State: Texas
• Area: 1,558 sq km
• Population: 20,99,451
• Currency: 1 United States Dollar
(USD) = 49.32 Indian Rupee (INR)

Movies Shot In Houston
• The Tree Of Life (2011)
• Transformers: Dark Of The Moon    (2011)
• Pearl Harbor (2001)• Ali (2001)
• Armageddon (1998)
• Twins (1988)
• Paris, Texas (1984)
• Terms Of Endearment (1983)

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