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I Love NY

Although the opening track is a revamped version of the traditional Punjabi hit Gud naal ishq, Anupam Amod recreates it interestingly. He throws in Hard Kaur’s rap, a fast-paced drum bed and a very competent Tochi Raina into the mix. Sukhwinder Singh’s rendition of the same number works well too.

Aao na starts dreamily but quickly settles into an upbeat ballad. Pritam’s composition is high on melody and style. But it’s Sonu Nigam’s energetic delivery that makes this track enjoyable. For once, Tulsi Kumar is subdued and complements Nigam’s high-pitched singing perfectly. In spite of the cringe-worthy English lyrics, Halki halki (Shaan, Tulsi Kumar) is a frothy, fun song that makes for decent listening.

Guest composer Falak Shabbir composes and sings Judaai, a soulful song about heartbreak. The track is engaging no doubt, but is reminiscent of the many songs one hears from artistes across the border. The pick of the album is Mauli Dave’s sexy rendition of Aaja meri jaan. Originally composed by RD Burman and sung by SP Balasubramniam, DJ Phukan’s remix thankfully doesn’t mess it up. Also Dave’s sensuous voice is immensely likeable.

The soundtrack of I Love NY is good till it lasts, but none of the songs is likely to stay with you.

Verdict: Routine.

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