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Idiot Box

Ramas Movie Makers’ Idiot Box starts off as a take off on a well known television content production house and its female head honcho, her alleged style of working and her domineering ways. Then it borrows the track of classic comedy, Golmaal (1979) and turns it in to the recent Bluff Master into the second half.

Subhrojeet Chakraborty (Sushant Singh) is asked by Anekta Kapoor (Jyoti Gauba) of Lalaji Telefilms to join her as a Creative Head and salvage the sagging TRPs of an ongoing serial. He watches the previous episodes of the serial in question and finds no scope whatsoever to enhance it as the serial has used up all tricks of the serial content possible. While searching for ideas, he meets Sumana Roychowdhury (Hrishita Bhatt) who resides in the same building as him. Their encounters usually happen in the building elevator. While the romance builds up gradually, it is on one such lift ride that the idea to develop the serial further strikes him. He creates his own dummy twin and plays games with Sumana, who repays him in the same coin later on.

The script is very loose and meandering, stretching scenes longer than necessary. The jokes carry on much after they have lost their punch. The director seems to not know where to pause. Music is a let down. Photography is passable. Few gags and dialogue are funny. Technical aspects are average.

Performances, in the absence of solid substance are mostly loud. Sushant Singh grossly over acts and passes off making faces as acting, while Hrishita Bhatt on her part thinks making gestures is acting. Jyoti Gauba and Milind Gunaji are fairly good. Surendra Pal and Upasana Singh give good support. 

All said Idiot Box has poor prospects at the box office.

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