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Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA)

What’s It About?

The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA) is a non-profit organisation devoted to a greater appreciation of Indian cinema and culture by showcasing films, supporting emerging filmmakers, and promoting the diverse perspectives of the Indian diaspora.

The festival will take place from April 11 to 15, 2018. Each year, the festival features a rich mix of film programs designed to build and support the growing interest in the Indian entertainment industry. This includes programming that cultivates an audience for Indian films while supporting filmmakers of Indian descent in career development as they navigate the larger studio system in Hollywood.

IFFLA’s industry programs include the One-on-One program, where film professionals from major and independent production and distribution companies are invited to participate in meetings with IFFLA filmmakers; and panel discussions with speakers from the film industry.


Opening Night Gala

In The Shadows

Directed by Dipesh Jain, the film centres on Khuddoos, a shopkeeper living in self-imposed isolation within the walled city of Old Delhi. In lieu of human interaction, Khuddoos monitors the people in his neighborhood via a series of hidden cameras he’s placed throughout the streets and alleys. Whether he fancies himself an amateur police officer or is a Peeping Tom is open to interpretation, but when Khuddoos hears the sounds of a young boy suffering abuse at the hands of his father – somewhere outside the view of Khuddoos’ cameras – he is spurred to take action.

Watch Out For


An Essay Of The Rain

Counterfeit Kunkoo


Tara Versus

What Is Your Brown Number?





The Caregiver

Fisherwoman And Tuk Tuk




Tribute to Sridevi: Chandni

Chandni is a glorious ode to one of the finest actors of her generation at the peak of her career, beloved for her prolific work in Hindi as well as South Indian cinema. Fans of the late Vinod Khanna will also relish his performance in this film with evergreen songs, unexpected pathos and unabashed melodrama. Nearly 30 years later, the film remains one of Yash Chopra’s finest, and enshrines Sridevi with a character that arguably most closely matches the late actress’s vulnerable and graceful real-life persona.

Closing Night Gala

Village Rockstars

Directed by Rima Das, the film is about Dhunu, a free-spirited tomboy who lives with her widowed mother and older brother as they struggle to get by in their small village in Assam. One day, after seeing a band at a local event playing with Styrofoam ‘guitars’, she dreams of owning a real one and becoming a rockstar. She saves money and forms a supporting band with the local boys, but her rockstar hopes seem impossible without magical thinking. Dhunu is caught between the fantasy life of youth and the harsh reality of adulthood.

Byline: Suranjana Biswas                                                                                                                  

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