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India's Most Wanted directed Raj Kumar Gupta spills the beans on his next project

In today’s times, not only actors but filmmakers too plan their next projects even before their current one hits theatres. Raj Kumar Gupta is all set to release his upcoming film India’s Most Wanted starring Arjun Kapoor in theatres on May 24 but he is already working on the script of his next film. Asked about his upcoming project, which was also rumoured to be based on true incidents, he said, “That is a script which I am writing right now. IMW took me four years to make. The other script which I am writing is a biopic of Ravindra Kaushik (RAW Agent). I am working on it right now, on the writing process. That’s the only process I am concentrating on.”

There were also rumours of Gupta approaching actors like Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor for the role. The filmmaker clarifies, “There is no update on the casting. I have not approached anyone because I cannot approach someone with just an idea. As soon as I finish the script, I plan to approach people.”

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