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INOX launches India’s first 270-degree panoramic movie watching experience with ScreenX

INOX Leisure Ltd (INOX) launched India’s first ScreenX theatre today at Inorbit Mall, Mumbai. ScreenX technology offers a panoramic 270-degree movie watching experience to the audience. It allows the audience to go beyond theme of the traditional movie screen, and expands view on the side walls of the theatre along with the center screen. INOX had signed a deal with CJ 4DPLEX earlier this year to bring the first ScreenX to India.

 Alok Tandon, Chief Executive Officer – INOX Leisure Ltd says, “Ensuring a great viewing experience for our patrons has always been our foremost priority, which inspires us to continuously reinvent & innovate and bring the best technology for them. Further to this endeavor, we are proud to announce the launch of India’s first ScreenX, which will enable us to offer an unprecedented 270 degree cinema-viewing experience on three walls of the theatre. This new form of storytelling would deliver the narrative in a more convincing manner, leaving the audience breathless.”

Theodore Kim, Chief Partnership Activation Officer, CJ 4DPLEX says, “CJ 4DPLEX is glad to have partnered with INOX and have opened India’s first ScreenX to bring Mumbai moviegoers a whole new immersive cinematic experience. ScreenX expands the world of the movie from one screen to three, making it panoramic in nature by allowing the film to occupy 270 degrees & surrounding the audience with the action. We are jointly working with INOX on bringing ScreenX to many other Indian cities to offer this new movie-going experience to audiences across India.”

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