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The surprise package of the soundtrack of London Paris NewYork is leading lady Aditi Rao Hydari. The actor makes an impressive debut as a singer here. Her delivery of ‘Voh dekhne mein’, although a little raw, is assured and fresh, but it’s her rendition of’ Thehree si zindagi’ that truly surprises. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that she overshadows the more experienced Ali Zafar in this number. In fact, if one can ignore the frustratingly repetitive chorus, Thehree sizindagi makes for pleasant listening.

Voh dekhne mein is tailor-made for Zafar’s breezy style of singing. With only the piano as the accompanying instrument, he composes a lilting melody that’s lighthearted and catchy. London Paris New York (Ali Zafar, Sunidhi Chauhan)is a peppy track that makes for a good start to the album. Sunidhi Chauhan is subdued here while Zafar is his usual effervescent self in the title track. The distant resemblance to Australian band The Temper trap’s hit number Sweet disposition can be ignored.

Folk and Sufi singer Sanam Marvi and pop star Hadika Kiani, two gifted talents from Pakistan, come together in ‘Oo Lala’. The track begins with a superb techno trance bed, raising expectations, but it quickly slips into mundane territory once the vocals kick in. The fusion of club and classical doesn’t quite work. Also, why does the chorus sound a lot like ABBA’s Voulez-Vous?

Aaja starts off on a gentle note with Ali Zafar’s drunken drawl almost insinuating it’s going to be a soft rock number but changes forma minute and a half into the song to a pulsating remix that’s clearly inspired by Bulle Shah’s Bandeya. At 3:43 minutes, it’s a short nevertheless interesting track. But Ting rang (Ali Zafar) falls flat – uninspired Punjabi fare.

Verdict: Reasonably engaging

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