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Kaagaz Ke Fools

Revolving around a middle class family, Kaagaz Ke Fools touches upon the issue of lack of good novel writers. Purshotam Chatterjee aka Puru (Vinay Pathak) is an aspiring writer who won’t compromise on literature for success. His refusal of using sexual innuendos, doesn’t attract any publisher and his novel remains unpublished. Nikki Chatterjee (Mughda Godse), his nagging housewife feels the grass is greener on the other side. Her pestering and comparison with his friends leads Puru to walk out of his house.

The search for peace goes in vain as he is constantly nagged by his brother-in-law (Saurabh Shukla). The writer ends up in a beer bar named Kukuji’s Aashram. Puru has a good hand in poker and ends up winning moolah which attracts bar girl Rubina (Raima Sen). Jarred at the edges, but good at heart, Rubina takes Puru at her bookie’s place, which leads to their arrest. The arrest adds further strains in Puru and Nikki’s married life. Will Puru give up on his beliefs and rework on his novel, adding sexual masala? Will Puru be able to save his and Nikki’s marriage?

Directorially Anil Kumar Chaudhary has done a decent job but fails to conceive an interesting tale right from the storyboard level. Also, too many inclusions of unnecessary sequences fail to connect the screenplay together.

The narration is superficial. Neither the story, nor the characters succeed in holding the film till the end. Kaagaz Ke Fools supposed to be a comedy, hardly gives any comic relief. Instead, it is overly dramatic. The script and dialogues are mediocre. The film doesn’t receive any musical support either. Editing is mundane. Cinematography is okay. The sets and locations fail to aid the narration. Costumes are good. With a runtime of 190 minute, the film is excruciating and tiring.

Performance-wise, Vinay Pathak doesn’t bring anything new to his character, nor does Saurabh Shukla. Mugdha Godse as a badgering wife, is loud and boisterous which gets irritating after a point. Raima Sen fails to impress. Rest of the supporting cast is over the top.

Verdict: Flop

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