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As music composers Sachin-Jigar gear up for their next film Meri Pyaari Bindu, they talk to Komal Sharma about composing for the film and much more…

Yash Raj Films’ Meri Pyaari Bindu is a special project for music composer duo Sachin-Jigar. In fact, in their desire to deliver something outstanding for the film, they didn’t take up any other projects while working on this one. “We wanted to deliver something outstanding to our fans in 2017. And the first fruit of our labour of love this year is Meri Pyaari Bindu. The album is wholesome because we have dance numbers, ghazals, romantic songs and acoustic unplugged versions,” reveals Sachin.

Meri Pyaari Bindu not only has new catchy numbers but also celebrates classic Hindi songs. On striking a balance between the two, Jigar comments, “Old Hindi songs are just a part of the background music and there is no recreation of the original soundtrack. For the retro vibe, we have composed a song called Yeh jawani teri, which has a retro feel but is arranged in a modern form.”

The film is set in Kolkata, which gave the duo a chance to experiment. Jigar reveals, “Our song Khol de baahein is a mixture of Bengali and Hindi lyrics. We have infused many baul instruments and rhythm instruments from Kolkata in the upcoming songs and also the film’s background music.”

Also commenting on the combination of songwriting and using the right kind of instruments, Sachin says, “For example, you can double the melody in select moments with another instrument or create a background texture to enhance the harmony. Part of the whole point of this extra care and attention is to make the music feel more alive and organic, as opposed to a processed and mechanical feel. A great way to keep things fresh is to avoid the cut-and-paste monotony. We visualise every scene and run through the films’ scripts a couple of times before scripting the music.”

The musical duo is impressed with the lead actress of the film, Parineeti Chopra, who has also lent her voice to a song in the film. “Parineeti is beyond fabulous. She is such a great learner and she is always open to experimenting. If she ever decides to become a full-fledged, trained singer, she would excel at it,” feels Jigar. “Parineeti essays the role of a singer and we thought she would work well for the overall vibe of the song,” adds Sachin.

Talking about singers, Sachin further says, “We never go with a fixed thought process. Creatively, we are very open to trying out new singers as long as the singer can match up to the vibe of the song. There is one love song, which is yet to come out, which features Jigar on vocals.”

On their famed partnership, Jigar remarks, “We make a brilliant pair and that’s why Sachin-Jigar are brothers in the studio and outside the studio as well.”

The composers have their plate full right now and will be doing films like Hindi MediumHaseenaBhoomi and Reload. Also, they are working on a parallel global career.

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