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Kiara Advani talks about THAT scene from Lust Stories

Glamour, which we see in cinema, is just an outer layer. In reality an actor’s job is a lot more difficult than what we think, especially when it comes to performing certain characters. An actor has always this threat of being trolled if something doesn’t go as planned and under these circumstances, they often avoid taking risks with what they perform.

Lust Stories actor Kiara Advani was one of the actors who took this risk when she had just begun her career in the film industry. In an exclusive interview with Box Office India, Advani talks about the controversial Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham… scene and what was her state of mind when she decided to perform that scene. She says, “I was not very conscious about these things. In my head I was innocent at that time; as innocent as the character I played because it is actually a very innocent story. Even that scene, it happens in the most hilarious situation. So I feel like, because I was so uninhibited in my head, the performance came out so innocently. I did not think of what will people think or will there be memes. And because these thoughts didn’t cross my mind, I think it worked to my advantage.”

She adds, “At that time, since I was so unaware of all these other things, I was able to pull it off that way. Today, after being aware of these things clearly, if now when I look back, I wonder if I had to do it today with the same thought process, will I have pulled it off the way I did, I don’t know.”

Not only did she perform the scene, she also managed to nail it and the short film became a game changer for her career. “It was absolutely a game changer for me. Karan (Johar) knew that since this film is so heavy on performance, it will give me an opportunity after which finally people will see me as an actor and a performer. Those were his exact words when he was talking to me and telling me about this film. I just wanted to work with Karan Johar,” she says.

Talking about her trust in Johar, Advani says, “He is a very sensitive and aesthetic filmmaker. There is nothing that he would do that would be vulgar. So I had full faith in his conviction and in his story and in him. It has been a game changer and today the kind of roles that I am getting are different but they all are performance oriented as well. People finally saw an actor in me through that. For me Karan is a mentor. If he advises me on something, I listen to him. He is somebody who I know has one’s best interest at heart.”

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