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Kuchh Kariye

Kuchh Kariye is a journey of a man meeting his destiny and coming to terms with it. Sukhwinder plays a simple and honest small town lad. He is forced to move to Mumbai after he is thrown out of his house for living in with his girl friend, Shreya. In Mumbai, both, Sukwinder and Shreya, meet two other boys, Vikrum Kumar and Rufi Khan who have also come to the city for better prospects. Together, they realise that all of them share the same passion – a passion for films. They are also idealistic and want to revolutionise the society.

The casting is weak. Sukhwinder Singh makes his acting debut but is not quite up to the mark. Shreya is passable. Vikrum Kumar and Rufi Khan fill the bill. The director, Jagbir Dahiya, who is also the producer of the film, fails to showcase what he really wants to depict. The story has many loop holes. The cinematography is average. Continuity jerks are obvious. Background music is jarring. 
Kuchh Kariye is a wasted effort.

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