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Lacks Zing- Don 2

The soundtrack of Don – The Chase Begins was funky and superbly entertaining. Songs like Main hoon don and Aaj ki raat became extremely popular, enjoying massive airplay on radio stations and in clubs. Composers Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy have always been Farhan Akhtar’s first choice when it comes to the music for his films – Dil Chahta Hain, Lakshya and Don  – The Chase Begins. The director teams up with the talented trio yet again in his latest thriller Don 2 – The Chase Continues.

Zaraa dil ko thaam lo is like an extended version of Aaj ki raat (from the earlier Don). This retro-style disco number doesn’t appeal instantly. It takes its time to grow on you and then sticks in your head. The hook line is especially catchy. Dadlani sounds surprisingly suave and complements Anusha Mani’s sensuous vocals.

It’s always exciting to see Usha Uthup’s name in the credits of an album. Here, she gets a solo track, Hai ye maya that’s fashioned along the lines of theme songs from Bond flicks. While the tune is an amalgamation of various genres, it somehow lacks the zing to go with Uthup’s electrifying voice.

Dushman mera (Shankar Mahadevan, Sunitha Sarathy) tries hard to simulate the ‘seduction meets vengeance’ theme achieved so effortlessly by Kalyanji-Anandji in songs like Yeh mera dil (Don, 1978) but ends up being a middling track. Hopefully, this face-off number between Roma and Don will be more entertaining on the big screen.

Mujhko pehchaanlo (KK) is just another version of Shaan’s title track Main hoon don. Created around the classic Don theme, this number fails to match the intensity or energy of the original.

The Don waltz is a lovely piece of classical music that may work well in the context of the film but sticks out in an otherwise fast-paced soundtrack. The King is back theme is another chic version of the Don theme. The soundtrack of Don 2 – The Chase Continues is not bad but definitely fails to live up to its hype and expectations

Verdict: Mediocre

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