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Larger Than Life

Canada’s smallest territory, Yukon, wows with its quaint and charming lifestyle and fantastic vistas that double as life-size sets

Yukon – the westernmost and smallest federal territory in Canada – is a hidden beauty. Named after the Yukon River, this destination is a place where nature is at its best. Its snow-capped mountains and vast ice fields double for Antarctica and the few living towns are akin to life-size sets. Standing true to its tourism motto, ‘Larger than life’, Yukon is known for pristine nature stretching across national forests, parks and reserves. The location is a haven for adventure-lovers.

Unlike other metropolitan cities, Whitehorse is the subdued capital of the region and is peppered with historic sites, including Old Log Church Museum, MacBride Museum of Yukon History and the Whitehorse Trolley, a heritage railway. Other points of interest are outdoor attractions like Whitehorse Fish Ladder and Dam, Yukon Gardens and Takhini Hot Springs.

Dawson is a town in the Yukon, known for its luscious, green setting. Situated at the confluence of the Klondike and Yukon rivers, the township has restored all its buildings and has wooden houses all over, giving it the Wild West look. Today, it is a historic site visited by picnickers in the summer wanting to stop at the old gold fields that left a stamp on the city.

Watson Lake is another city on the Alaska Highway. Home to the forestry and mining industry, it enfolds tourist attractions like the Northern Lights Centre and the roadside attraction, Signpost Forest. A sparse population allows filmmakers to use the city like a set itself.

Wooden houses, water bodies, mountain peaks, forests and snowfields… cinematographically Yukon has everything a filmmaker needs to illustrate in a film. In addition, on a long, cold winter night with a clear sky, one can come across nature’s ultimate spectacle, the Aurora or natural light display in the sky.

The place is adaptable and film-friendly, with all services required by a film crew. Two funding programmes that can be acquired by production houses make the place even more worthy.


The following are eligible to apply to the Film Production Fund:

Yukon corporation which owns a controlling interest in the project and film production as a major, not peripheral, activity of their business

For this fund, a Yukon corporation is defined as a corporation that is a Yukon-registered company which is majorly beneficially owned by Yukon residents

In the case of co-productions, the Yukon producer must satisfy the preceding qualifications, and any co-production company must be registered in the Yukon. In addition, the Yukon producer must participate as a full partner in the production, and demonstrate a significant degree of financial and creative control and receive a corresponding share of the revenues of the production at terms no less favourable than those of any of the non-Yukon resident partners.

Eligible Projects And Activities

The following activities are eligible:

Filming in Yukon. All production cash expenses expended in Yukon are consistent with the standards established by Telefilm Canada

Expenses related to personnel will be determined on the basis of the actual amount paid to the employee, which will be directly attributable to the production, including salary and benefits

Filming outside the territory may be allowable within the spirit and intent of the program, recognising that certain productions require shooting outside Yukon, but this must be pre-approved

Corporate overhead and producer fees directly related to the project are eligible but may not exceed 15 per cent each of the total budget or 30 per cent combined

The following expenses are not eligible:

Any costs that were considered in determining a funding allocation for the same project under the Yukon Film Development Fund will not be considered under this programme

Goods and Services Tax

Capital Costs

Non-cash expenditures, such as, in-kind contributions, contributed labour, materials or services and deferred expenses are not an eligible expense for the purpose of calculating the amount of assistance under this programme unless they have been pre-approved by the Yukon Film and Sound Commission.

Prizes, awards, rewards and gifts

Funding/Contribution Levels

The maximum project contribution from this fund is $ 5,00,000

For productions solely controlled by a Yukon resident or corporation, the contributions will be based on 30 per cent of Yukon expenditures or 30 per cent of total production costs whichever is lesser

For co-productions, the contribution will be based on 30 per cent of Yukon expenditures or 20 per cent of total production costs whichever is lesser. The cost of a creative position may be deemed a Yukon cost if they mentor at least one Yukon Labour


Feature Films and documentaries are eligible for a rebate of up to 25 per cent of Yukon spends, provided criteria are met

Training Programme

Productions are eligible for a rebate of up to 25 per cent of wages paid to individuals providing on-set training (techniques and equipment) to eligible Yukon labour.

Travel Rebate

The production house will be eligible for a rebate of the travel costs from Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver to Whitehorse to a max of $ 15,000. (Available to productions not accessing the Yukon Spend Rebate).


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