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Lets’ Party!

Siddharth Basrur, composer- playback singer, talks about singing the song Baat ban jaye for the upcoming film A Gentleman, in an interview to Komal Sharma

Siddharth Basrur has previously collaborated with Sachin-Jigar for projects like Happy Ending and made a small contribution to ABCD 2. Talking about how he landed this project, Basrur says, “I have known Sachin-Jigar for a while now. They called me to record this song as a dummy but they liked my voice and used my version in the film. That’s how I got this song.”

Basrur says the composer duo gave him all freedom he needed while recording the song. “The song is completely different. Sachin-Jigar give you full freedom to add your elements and your own touch while singing. They don’t force you to do what they want and that’s the best thing. You like working where your inputs are appreciated. That’s how we came up with Baat ban jaye.”

The singer says Baat ban jaye has a party vibe with a foot-tapping beat. “It has amazing lyrics and it is very refreshing. Sidharth and Jaqueline are looking marvellous in this song and took this song to another level.”

Taking about his journey with music, Basrur says, “I started my music journey with a band. When the band broke up, I took a break from music. After some time, I got a call from a friend who is a music composer and he was looking for voices to cast. That’s how I got my first break in the film Haunted and, after that, things began to roll but I didn’t expect to be a part of Bollywood. After that film, I started getting work.”

According to Basrur, lyrics are very important to uplift a song. “So, an emotional song’s lyrics have to be meaningful and deep. We can’t use any kind of lyrics… it won’t work. And, for a party song, you need to use fun and happy lyrics. You could also go in for quirky and simple lyrics.”

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