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Showcasing upper crust American culture, Palm Beach County is no stranger to Indian film industry

Palm Beach County is the largest county in the state of Florida. Having about 47 miles of awesome Atlantic Ocean shoreline and well over 100 miles of freshwater canals, rivers, and lakes, filmmakers can discover and explore the quirky side of the county for a perfect shooting spot.

It is one of the three counties comprising the South Florida metropolitan area. Its largest city and county seat is West Palm Beach (Central County). Boca Raton (South County) is the second-largest while Boynton Beach (South County) is the third-largest city.

With wealthy coastal towns such as Palm Beach, Jupiter, Manalapan and Boca Raton within its limits, as well as equestrian mecca Wellington and golfing haven Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach County is Florida’s wealthiest county and a filmmaker’s paradise, where one can capture the wealthy side of American culture.

Palm Beach County offers an all-inclusive invitation to film in a world-class destination that features a film-friendly community, year-round warm weather, diverse locations and free production space. Take advantage of uncharted hot spots and ambitious crews that will go the distance.

History and culture with a tropical twist come to life in the palm beaches. Historic buildings and landmarks tell terrific tales of days and events in an extraordinary past, while a surprising and superb collection of top-of-the-line museums, performing art venues and festivals earn this county the title of Florida’s Cultural Capital.


Securing a permit requires a $ 1 million comprehensive or commercial general liability policy. If you are using any vehicles, watercraft or aircraft in the filming, additional coverage is needed. If you have any stunts or special effects, you will need a $ 5 million policy. Where you are filming within the county will determine how many insurance certificates you will need.

Permits are issued for commercial productions taking place on public property (parks, beaches, streets, sidewalks, public buildings) within 33 film-friendly municipalities and taxing districts in Palm Beach County. Three business days are required to process a standard permit. Shoots involving road closures, intermittent traffic control, closing off public areas, take longer to process.

Comprehensive or Commercial General Liability Policy

• A limit not less than $ 1 million each occurrence

• Include contractual liability to cover indemnification agreement in permit

• Business Auto Policy (required when filming from within an auto or filming staged autos)

• Coverage shall include liability for “any auto or scheduled autos” including hired and non-owned automobile liability

• Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability – Florida• All Certificates must include

• A 30-day endeavor to notify cancellation or non-renewal

• Authorised personnel signature at the bottom of the insurance certificate


• 20-30 per cent transferable tax credit

• 20 per cent base percentage

• 5 per cent Off Season Bonus (for certain production types)

• 5 per cent Family Friendly Bonus (for certain production types)

• 5 per cent Underutilised Region Bonus (for General Production Queue only)

• 5 per cent Qualified Production Facility/ Digital Media Facility Bonus (for General Production Queue, on expenditures associated with production activity at a Qualified Production Facility/ Digital Media Facility)

• 15 per cent Florida Student/ Recent Graduate Bonus (for General Production Queue, on student/ recent graduate wages and other compensation)

• The priority for qualifying/ certifying projects for tax credit awards is determined on a first-come, first-served basis within its appropriate queue.


The grant is designed to attract film, television and multi-media businesses to Palm Beach County, and to provide support to local expanding businesses that are also part of the entertainment industry. The funds are based on job growth including the creation of 25 jobs or more.

Palm Beach County has six fully equipped studios and soundstages designed to meet a variety of production needs from lighting packages to building sets. For hands-on assistance, refer to the 65 full service production companies located throughout the County with years of experience and high quality results.

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