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LSD – Love Sex Aur Dhokha

Love Sex Aur Dhokha aka LSD unfurls three stories and reveals the dark truth of our society. Three anecdotes with three backdrops – love, sex and betrayal (dhokha); the film divulges real tales of love.

First Story (Love) – In a film institute somewhere deep in the redneck hinterland of North India, a final year student gears up for his diploma film. Rahul (Anshuman Jha), the director, starts etching out the perennial themes of Hindi films in his magnum opus. And later, he falls in love with his heroine, Shruti (Shruti).

Second Story (Sex) – Adarsh (Raj Kumar Yadav), an MBA, installs security cameras in a small 24-hour departmental store. In order to earn a fast buck, he hits upon the idea of making a porn clip through the security cameras in the shop. He starts to woo Rashmi (Neha Chauhan) – the simple and quiet salesgirl.

Third Story (Dhokha) – Prabhat (Amit Sial), a journalist, while attempting to commit suicide due to the various problems, meets Naina (Arya Devdutta) who is also trying to end her life. She had been promised a music video by Loki Local (Herry Tangri), Bhangra Hip Hop star for which she sleeps with him but later is dumped by him. It is then that Prabhat and Naina decides to do a sting operation on the pop star.

The film is not the regular narrative witnessed over the years. The crux of the film explains scandals, scams, male-dominated society and casting couch. Thus, this one is not for the conformist. Beware of the abusive language, sex sequence and impropriety which are part of this flick. Apart from the title, what grabs attention is the reality shown, be it in the form of how a brother kills his sister for eloping with a boy, how an innocent girl becomes a part of a scandal unknowingly or how casting couch is so popular for getting roles in the industry.

The film has been entirely shot on the strength of digital camera which makes it more interesting. Dibakar Banerjee’s LSD is here to set out a trend and is the first of its kind in India under two aspects, the script and cinematography. Considering it is shot on low-class digital camera there are moments where the film is out of focus, the scenes are dark and shaky, but that’s what the script demands. Background score is zilch and the only groovy number is the title track which is already popular amongst the youngsters.

The debutant actors perform their roles with attitude. Of the seven, it is Shruti, Raj Kumar Yadav, Arya Devdutta and Herry Tangri who stand out. The remaining fit the bill well, nonetheless. The direction is high class – from locations to costumes to the chit-chatty language, all represent the life of a common man. However, the end is the best when it links all three portions together and shows how everyone knows each other.

With this film, every person can relate somehow or the other. The stories will remind you of incidents that you may have read in the newspapers or heard on the news channels as piece of entertainment.

One the whole, while the younger crowd may be drawn to see the film (because of the title) the elderly may think it prudent to ignore it.

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