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Luv Ka The End

Bollywood has ignored the teen flick for way too long. The genre that targets teenagers and revolves around topics like first crush, first heart break and coming of age is hugely popular in other parts of the world. That’s set to change now with Y Films, a sub brand of Yash Raj films, dedicating an entire film to this increasingly influential TG. The result is Luv Ka The End, possibly India’s answer to John Tucker Must Die and Mean Girls.

The album with music by Ram Sampath (Remember the exquisite Vaada raha from Khakee?) opens with the title track Luv Ka The End. The angst of the jilted lover is conveyed strongly in this rockish number by singer Aditi Singh Sharma. Not particularly striking but the novelty of the lyrics makes this track a decent listen. Suman Sridhar nails it perfect in Tonight. The soft, medium paced song about a girl getting ready for her first date works largely due to Sridhar’s child like voice that’s fresh and charming.

Krisha Beura who moved us with his soulful rendition of Maula mere (Chak De India) does a complete turnaround and delivers the bawdy yet fun Mutton song with immense gusto. Bhattacharya’s lyrics though coarse are likely to be lapped up by the youngsters. Sample this: Six pack ke biskit gol huye, naabhi mein piercing hole huye. The item number is fun while it lasts, but is likely to be more enjoyable on the screen given the leading man’s antics in the promo.

While the video of Freak out (Aditi Singh Sharma, Joy Barua) works well, the song in isolation isn’t quite enjoyable. F.U.N fun funna featuring pop star singer Ali Zafar and hip Hinglish lyrics fails to live up to its promise. Heppy Budday Beybee is rubbish and thankfully lasts only 45 seconds.

Verdict: Mixed Bag

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