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Mammootty's Ajai Vasudev directorial gets title

After working in movies like Rajadhi Raja and Masterpiece,  Mammootty and Ajai Vasudev are all set to team up for an action-family drama titled as Shylock: The Moneylender. The shooting of the film will begin next month. 

The film's title makes us wonder if there is any connection with William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and if the film is a modern day adaptation of the same.


The film also stars Bibin George, Siddique, Harish Kanaran and Baiju Santosh. The film is written by Aneesh Hameed and Bibin Mohan. Also, it will be shot in two main locations that are Ernakulam and Coimbatore.

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-Manisha Karki 

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