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Milenge Milenge

When was the last time you heard Sonu Nigam sing for Himesh Reshammiya? Now that should give you an indication of how long Milenge Milenge has been in the making! This alleged remake of ‘Serendipity’ has been stuck for several reasons but we won’t discuss that here. Instead, we’ll focus on the film’s music composed by Reshammiya.

Kuch to baaki hai will work wonderfully as a marketing tool to plug this film given the history of the lead pair. But as a composition, it offers nothing new. Nope, by no means is it a bad one. It just feels distinctly similar to a few of Reshammiya’s earlier compositions. Reshammiya, though, sings it in his typical full-throated fashion and you’ve got to give it to the man – the melody does stick in your head!

Though the title track is a decent tune, it sounds terribly dated especially the one sung by Alka Yagnik and Jayesh Gandhi. The spruced-up version by Reshammiya and Shreya Ghosal works a lot better. Both singers, especially Reshammiya, who sings this track in a low-pitch voice, do very well. But the guy who recites the opening English lyrics does a very poor job!

Sonu Nigam doesn’t sing a whole lot these days and hence it’s a joy to hear him in Tum chain ho – a soft, lilting composition. This song, probably the best track in the album, also has Alka Yagnik and Susanne D’Mello in good form.

Alka Yagnik’s other track Hare kaanch ki chudiyan is clearly a tune straight from the ‘90s and disappoints. Ishq ki galli (Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Jayesh Gandhi) is a qawwali also reminiscent of the music Nadeem Shravan composed in their heydays. And like in most albums these days, there are a couple of uninspired remixes too.

Verdict: Definitely not one of Reshammiya’s best!

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