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Missing The Romance

Band Baaja Baraat (BBB), a relatively low-budget film about marriage planners, charmed the audience last winter and raked in the moolah at the turnstiles. The successful team of that film returns with another rom-com, Ladies VS Ricky Bahl, in December. The music of BBB, composed by brothers Salim-Sulaiman, played a vital role in its success and the duo has been retained to compose the soundtrack for this Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh starrer too.

Though there is a ring of familiarity to Aadat se majboor, it still appeals due to Benny Dayal’s suave vocals and Bhattacharya’s lyrics that smartly describe the character of the protagonist. The track is upbeat, no doubt, but the composers could have infused it with some spunk. As for Ranveer Singh’s rapping, it sounds amateurish and unexciting.

What Tarkeebein was for Ranveer in BBB, Jazba attempts to be same for Anuskha here. But this time around, Salim-Sulaiman’s effort to create a feel-good fusion track falls flat. In spite of the singer Shilpa Rao’s best efforts, the song underwhelms.

And what’s even more disappointing is that there are parts of Jazba that seem strikingly similar to Edward Maya’s Desert Rain. As if that wasn’t enough, the composers repeat Maya’s bagpiper riff (using a violin instead) and create another new song around it in Thug le, a lackluster track about the battle of the sexes.

Bhattacharya’s clever Hinglish lyrics redeem Jigar da tukda (Salim Merchant, Shraddha Pandit) to an extent but this Punjabi dance number remains mediocre. Fatal attraction, a stylish techno instrumental piece, is perhaps the best thing in this album. The music of Ladies VS Ricky Bahl is bland and stereotypical.

Verdict: Seriously Disappointing

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