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Mission 11 July

A nother movie about a jihadi boy, brainwashed by another jihadi, on a mission to blow up the Indian Parliament on July 11. Thus the title. 

As far as jihadi storylines go, there’s nothing new. The biggest drawback of this film is its pace. For the first 20 minutes, you wonder if there is a film at all! It’s only later that the story begins to unfold but by then it’s too late. The audience (whoever’s left, that is) has already lost interest.

Surprisingly, Vinod R Thakur manages to handle some scenes with maturity but they are too few to evoke any interest. After a point, the film is much too predictable and you grow restless.

In a film like this, dialogue is key but here they fall flat. At times, the film masquerades as a debate or discussion board on the jihadi movement. It actually leaves you hoping for some good old dishoom dishoom that would have pulled in audiences in B or C centers.

As for performances, Tarun Khanna is not convincing as a confused boy in search of his identity. Mukesh Tiwari acts well but is limited by a bad script. Vikram Gokhale as an honest police commissioner does justice to his character. Natasha Singh has nothing to do. Pramod Moutho is seen on screen after a long time and fails again as he hams.

In a nutshell, the film won’t last in cinema halls.

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