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Mittal Vs Mittal

A rich, spoilt-to-the-core heir to fortunes Karan Mittal (Rohit Roy) is besotted by a pretty model Mitali (Rituparna Sengupta) He is used to getting what he wants, at whatever the cost and consequences. But, Mitali, a girl with a middleclass background is not taken in by Karan’s advances. She even slaps him when he tries to take advantage of her. However, Karan does not give up. He  puts his better side up and eventually weans over Mitali. The marriage is on the cards, thanks to some coaxing by her mother (Reema Lagoo) who is dazzled by Karan’s wealth.
Soon, Karan starts showing his true colours and Mitali is tormented. She is forced to do things against her wishes which finally lead to a split between them. Not wanting to let her humiliation go unpunished, she drags Karan to court and the battle begins between the Mittals — Mitali and Karan.

The problem with Mittal Vs Mittal is that, it is a story straight out of 1960s, not only in content and the depiction of woman but also in its approach. As if in a hurry to get down to the court battle, right from wooing the girl to the tormenting part are rushed in to. However, the film becomes somewhat interesting in the second half involving the court scenes.

Direction is patchy and shows the time (over three years) taken to make this film. Scripting is sketchy. Dialogue is routine. Production values are average. Music is nothing to rave about.
Performance wise, Rohit Roy passes muster. Rituparna Sengupta re-enacts Meenakshi Sheshadri in Damini in  toto. Gulshan Grover and Suchitra Krishnamurthy are both good as lawyers. Reema Lagoo, Anjan Srivastava, Amar Mittal and Dolly Thakore are okay.
Mittal Vs Mittal fights one losing battle at the box office.

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