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Playback singer Kanika Kapoor has lent her voice to the T-Series’ Mixtape web series for the song Amarsariya Suit suit mash-up. In an interview to Komal Sharma, Kapoor talks about why she liked the Mixtape concept

Versatile singer Kanika Kapoor’s collaboration with T-Series’ Mixtape turned out to be far better than the singer had expected. “It’s been a successful show for all of us. Not just the song I did but all the other songs which are out are doing great and I am enjoying myself.  I wish I had done some more.  It was interesting because this was the first time I had collaborated with a male artiste,” she says, happily. 

On comparing the song from its earlier version, the songstress says, “I don’t think it was meant to give an equal or greater response as its earlier versions did.  It was just a mash-up for people to listen to, to keep the song evergreen. I have heard so many songs from Mixtape, which I have not listened to for the last 10 to 15 years. The songs are completely different because of the collaboration of great singers. And I received 2.1 million views in just four hours, which means that people loved it and want to see some more of this.”  The playback singer has also attempted a different genre, which will release soon. “It’s a light song which has a different texture. I don’t think anybody would expect me to sing like that,” she adds.

Kanika Kapoor is grateful for the new platforms that give talented artistes a chance to showcase their talent, “It is a blessing to have so many platforms as I am an artiste who was a YouTube sensation. My first song Jungi was a free download. I landed Baby Doll a year later, which also took YouTube by storm. In fact, when I faced the media for the first time, their first question was, ‘Are you a singer or a model?’ So it is a great way to launch yourself.”

Kapoor, who has completed three years in this industry, says it has been an interesting journey. “I was a housewife, a mother, and then I later separated. After going through all this, I came into this industry, where I had no clue to how to perform.  All I knew was how to sing on a mic, and singing with a mic and playback  singing are very different. In time, I gained confidence.”

Switching moods for a song is an art, says Kapoor, “You have to with the flow of your song’s situation. If the song is sad, you obviously need to feel sad to get the right emotion. So it is necessary to feel the emotion.  I am still learning and there is still a long way to go.”

The young singer says that, earlier, singers used to spend a lot of time on riyaaz and they didn’t feel much pressure. “Times have changed and we have surrounded ourselves with so many things. Once the song is out, we promote it, we go out for interviews, shows and a lot of other stuff. We have left no time for ourselves and I think that’s wrong. We are getting greedy and we don’t realise it,” she muses.

On upcoming plans, she says, “I have lots of work this year; I have movie songs and my singles are coming out.”

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