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Money Talkies: On day three, Thugs Of Hindostan numbers lower than expected

With Thugs Of Hindostan experiencing a drop in collections post-opening day, we spoke to distributors across India to ask how the film was faring on the holiday weekend, and what their expectations are from day three.

Jeetu Khandelwal, Orissa 

The occupancy in our sector is more today than it was yesterday. Since it is a Saturday, more people were expected to come in. I think overall, pan-India, the film will have slightly better collections today, making Rs 30-32 crore. Occupancy rates will rise tomorrow as it is a Sunday, but on Monday the film will decline more rapidly.

Sunil Bansal, Rajasthan

Today looks better than yesterday for Thugs Of Hindostan. Reviews from the audience have been very mixed in our region. Yesterday there was a drop in occupancy as the Bhaidooj festival is very big in Rajasthan. More people are going to watch the film today because it is a holiday and offices are closed. I think in our circuit, collections will be between Rs 1.5 crore and Rs 2 crore, and pan-India, it is expected to be around Rs 33 crore. It looks like occupancy will be better tomorrow, but the film will see a major drop in the next week.

Brijesh Tandon, Delhi-UP

Yesterday we saw a major fall in collections, after a good opening on Thursday. The drop was more than 50 per cent because reviews for the film are not good. Today too, we don’t foresee any major change in occupancy over yesterday. Since it collected around Rs 26 crore yesterday, collections for today will be similar, based on the reports coming in; there might be a difference of about 5 per cent, but not more. Tomorrow we might see a hike in occupancy and collections as it is a Sunday, but then from Monday, the film will see a drastic drop. 

Gaurav Ruparel, Saurashtra

It is very bad today. There is only 30-40 per cent occupancy. The film started well, with 90-100 per cent occupancy, but that came down the next day to 60-70 per cent. At the rate at which it is dropping, we will have to find the audience and get them to the theatres tomorrow. Next week is certainly not looking good. People are forwarding reviews on WhatsApp which are very negative and hence people are not going to watch the film. It might make around Rs 35 lakh to Rs 40 lakh in ourcircuit today and that is due to the increase in ticket rates in multiplexes. Today the film might make around Rs 15 crore pan-India. Whatever this film has made is because of the festive release. If it hadn’t been for that, it would not have made even Rs 70 crores, in my opinion.

Ravi Machchar, Nizam

There was a huge drop in occupancy yesterday. We saw only 60 per cent, which is about a 30 per cent drop from the opening day. And today it is less than yesterday, with 35-40 per cent occupancy. The numbers will either pick up tomorrow or remain the same. It is difficult to make any predictions about collections at this point, but TOH will barely make Rs 14 crore to Rs 18 crore today, pan-India. Next week will see a bigger drop but the film will last for a bit since there is no other movie coming out. 

Vinay Choksey, Mumbai

Of course there is a huge drop today, because of the negative reviews for the film. From what we hear, today is even worse than yesterday. People are thinking 100 times before going to see the film. But since the Gujarat circuit always does well during Diwali, it is faring alright. Nothing great and definitely not what was expected. Overall, today TOH should make about Rs 25 crore to Rs 30 crore pan-India, with Rs 8 crore to Rs 9 crore of this coming from our circuit. Ticket prices for the film will be reduced from Monday so collections will see a big drop. Also, vacation time will be over and offices will reopen, which means fewer people will go out to watch the film.

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