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Movie Review: 3 Storeys

Banners: B4U Motion Pictures, Excel

Entertainment, Open Air Films

Producers: Priya Sreedharan,

Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar

Director: Arjun Mukerjee

Cast: Renuka Shahane, Pulkit Samrat,

Masumeh, Sharman Joshi, Richa

Chadda, Aisha Ahmed, Ankit Rahti

Writer: Althea Delmas-Kaushal

Music: Clinton Cerejo


Stories are but a figment of the writer’s imagination but they are also inspired by everyday life. After all, aren’t all our lives a story waiting to be told? The locations may be different, the faces may change, but at the end of the day every story that we read, see or hear resonates with our lives. We feel that these are characters we know, people we have met and sometimes it seems this is the story of our lives.

3 Storeys is one such tale, or should we say ‘tales’. Maya Nagar Chawl is the address of Flory, Varsha and Malini, whose lives have secrets, some unknown to them and some unknown to those around them. Flory is trying to come to terms with the loss of her son. Varsha is trying to survive a bad marriage while nursing heartbreak, and Malini is trying to live the life of her dreams with the boy she loves. As each of their stories unfolds, there is a surge of emotions, shock, surprises, anger, grief, happiness and frustration, and as the three stories culminate, you are left smiling – and perhaps a little confused as well.

Of the three stories, Flory’s is the most engaging. The suspense built around the characters and the fact that nothing seems to be what it appears makes for an edge-of-the-seat experience. Varsha’s story is emotional but gets a little predictable down the line. The romance does tug at your heart but you are left wanting more.

The third story is probably the weakest of the three plots. It dwells on inter-faith love but ends on a rather expected note, which is easy to guess at the beginning of the narrative. The way the three stories meld during the climax will draw mixed reactions. Some may feel it is an anti-climax while others may feel, well, that’s interesting!

The writing is good and the movie does not meander but it could have been better. The characters are well written and the interaction between them is engaging. Credit goes to the director for getting the best from his cast. Thankfully, the story does not break into a song and dance number and the songs that are there are strictly in line with the story. The background score needs a mention here. It is subtle and adds to the story telling.

Performance-wise, Renuka Shahane as Flory is the most impressive. Pulkit Samrat plays his part well. Sharman Joshi and Masumeh as ex-lovers are convincing. Debutants Aisha Ahmed and Ankit Rathi as the young couple in love are endearing. The rest of the cast is able. Richa Chadda impresses not just with her seductive presence on screen but also with her voice as the narrator.


Verdict: Worth a dekho!

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