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Movie Review: 72 Hours - Martyr Who Never Died

Banner: JSR Productions House

Producers: JS Rawat, Tarun Rawat, Prashil Rawat

Director: Avinash Dhyani

Cast: Avinash Dhyani, Mukesh Tiwari, Shishir Sharma, Alka Aameen, Virendra Saxena, Girish Sahadev, Ishtiak Khan, Sumit Gulati, Yeshi Dema, Naman Tiwari

Writer: Avinash Dhyani

Music: Sunjoy Bose

A war film eulogizing Indian martyrs is a standard choice when making a movie on the theme of nationalism. Many films in the past have made us feel proud with their on-point portrayal of the Indian Army. 

Experimenting with the same, director-writer-actor Avinash Dhyani has come out with a story of a martyr who ‘never died’. Titled 72 Hours – Martyr Who Never Died, the film tries to tell the story of a brave soldier who fought for the country during the Indo-China war in 1962 but the movie fails miserably in creating the impact a story like this could have had. 

The film revolves around the life of Dehradun-based Jaswant Singh Rawat, who belongs to a poor family. He comes across harsh situations that take him on a different journey.

He decides to join the Indian Army and is assigned to the Garhwal Rifles Regiment, a platoon sent to defend the approaching Chinese army from the North-East front. The story then shifts to the historical war, where our soldiers are shown fighting bravely. They are eventually outnumbered and outgunned. How Rawat alone keeps on fighting for the country for 72 hours is what takes the story forward.

Despite such a beautiful and dramatic story, the film fails to touch an emotional chord. You do not feel a sense of patriotism until the end, when the film shares an image of the real-life soldier and asks you to stand up in his honour.

The script is poorly written and repetitive. The background score and VFX do not impress either. Some scenes leave you bewildered. The director has tried to show how ugly and cruel the aftermath of war is but has botched those scenes as well.

The only good thing about the movie is the scenic beauty it has captured and the fact that the makers have tried to highlight the story of this rifleman. 

Performance-wise, Avinash Dhyani has presented the character of Rawat in a fairly acceptable manner. Mukesh Tiwari, Girish Sahadev, Alka Aameen and Virendra Saxena make a significant impact. Shishir Sharma plays his character competently.

Verdict: Flop!

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