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Movie Review: Fraud Saiyaan

Banners: Prakash Jha Productions, Drama King Entertainment

Producers: Disha Prakash Jha, Kanishk Gangwal

Director: Sourabh Shrivastava

Cast: Arshad Warsi, Saurabh Shukla, Sara Loren, Elli AvrRam, Varun Badola

Writers: Sourabh Shrivastava (Story), Sharad Tripathi, Amal Donwaar (Screenplay & Dialogues)

Music: Sohail Sen, Tanishk Bagchi

Fraud Saiyaan is one of those films that are made with front-benchers in mind and an audience that believes purely in filmy entertainment. And, sure, the film succeeds in entertaining its target audience but in times when content-driven cinema and digital platforms are on the ascendant, a movie like this loses its impact.

When the price of movie tickets is sky high and the public is spoilt for choice, it takes a lot more than a comedy like this to hit the bull’s eye.  Having said that, this is a decently made film and one that makes you laugh at regular intervals.

Bhola Prasad Tripathi is a conman. His con is that he marries women and lives off them. While he juggles cities duping these women – 13 to be exact – his fate takes a turn when Murari enters his life. Murari is the uncle of one of his many wives. Unaware of that, Bhola befriends him. Murari promises to help Bhola in his escapades and the two of them form a two-man con team.

While trying to escape from his previous marriages, Bhola meets Payal, who is married to a rich man. As luck would have it, he dies in an accident and Bhola sees this as an opportunity to acquire wife number 14. He uses every trick in the book to marry her. He almost succeeds but he realises that he has fallen in love with her. And the biggest no-no in his con act is love. So now Bhola has no choice but to get away from Payal with his loot. But an unexpected twist turns the story on its head.

The premise of Fraud Saiyaan provides many opportunities to evoke laughter, but inconsistent writing fails the film. Apart from several funnily written and executed scenes, what aides the movie is the performances. Every actor has played their part with utmost honesty and there are a couple of fun songs, which keep the momentum upbeat. The makers had the right intentions but it is the execution that falters.

Performance-wise, the film belongs to Arshad Warsi and Saurabh Shukla. The chemistry between the two actors makes the film very watchable. As Bhola and Murari, they manage to put some life into the story. Sara Loren is very good. Preeti Sood makes you laugh. Varun Badola leaves an impact even though his is only a special appearance. Elli EvrRam’s cameo and song serves up some good entertainment.

Verdict: The film succeeds in keeping its target audience happy.

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