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Movie Review: Marudhar Express

Banner: Raywings Entertainment

Producer: Raj Kushwaha

Director: Vishal Mishra

Cast: Kunaal Roy Kapoor, Tara-Alisha Berry, Rajesh Sharma

Writer: Vishal Mishra

Music: Jeet Gannguli

Marudhar Express is the story of an under-confident, aimless man, ‘interestingly’ named Marudhar,  who lives by his dominating father’s rules. The film, giving us the ‘90s’ feel, starts with a song where a shy Marudhar almost trips when he sees a beautiful girl who at the end of the song,  gives him her wedding invitation, breaking our hero’s heart.

However, even though Marudhar has accepted his boring and hopeless life, his father (Ashok Pandey) is not ready to accept the fact that his son’s life is completely opposite to his extraordinarily colourful one. This makes him push his son to get married and have children, or else be thrown out of the house. Marudhar yields to pressure and gets married,  but a question arises: Why does a beautiful, ambitious girl like Chitra marry him? How the couple deals with this unusual love story is the crux of the film.

Over this journey the director tries to incorporate humour by making Marudhar experiment with various things - like eating churan that makes him sick - to deal withperformance pressure’; after allhe has to give his father a grandchild within a year. Things hit the fan when while on his honeymoonMarudhar meets his wife’s handsome and rich ex-boyfriend. The second  half of the film is predictable - the couple drifts apart due to misunderstandings and eventually get back to their happy married life.

The era of love stories is over for now in the industry, but filmmakers are trying their hand at it nonetheless. Director Vishal Mishra attempts a unique take on romance using the classic theme of ‘opposites attract’, but the weak execution of the story fails to make any impact.

The maker tries to evoke the emotion of nostalgia  as a sub-plot, but with the dated storyline and the equally dated music, it doesn’t work. The cinematography by AKN Sabastian is a plus,  as the essence of small towns like Lucknow and Kanpur are beautifully captured through his lens.

The dialogue delivery by Rajesh Sharma,  who plays Marudhar’s father, is interesting. Kunaal Roy Kapur is not bad, but Tara-Alisha Berry is average onscreen. The only two good points about the film are an elderly couple, seen in two scenes,  who give us cute old-age couple goals, and a visual of a huge poster of Shah Rukh Khan from the film Raees! The supporting cast of the film was good,  but even with this pillar of strength, the film cannot be saved.

Verdict: Disaster!

Rating: *

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