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Movie Review: The Past

Banner: Peacock Motion Filmz

Producers: Jaspal Singh, Nitesh Kumar

Director: Gagan Puri

Cast: Vedita Pratap Singh, Yuvraj

Parashar, Rajesh Sharma, Samiksha

Bhatt, Sonis Alvizuri, Jaya Virlley

Writer: Sandip Rale

Music: Mannan Munjal


As is par for the course for most Indian horrors, The Past does not stand out in any way when scaring the audience. 

Simran (Vedita Pratap Singh) is a writer who is about to start working on a novel with publisher Yuvraj (Yuvraaj Parashar). Seeking peace and quiet, Simran heads out on a holiday to Lonavala with her sister Alia (Jaya Virlley).

Yuvraaj insists that Simran stay in a bungalow he owns there. In the house, Simran experiences eerie incidents and is haunted by dreams of a girl. The bungalow is cursed and everything around the sisters is unsettling.

Simran gets possessed by an evil spirit. Alia asks her sister’s friend and her husband for help. They try in vain to release Simran from the evil spirit and approach a priest (Sonia Alvizuri). A past truth unravels. This is the crux of the film.

Director Gagan Puri’s horror film is not at all promising. The story has elements that have been borrowed from other horror films. For example, flickering lights, slamming doors, things clattering to the ground and furniture being displaced. The most clichéd – a doll and a rocking chair inexplicably moving. Sadly, the climax is predictable.

The background score has an uncanny resemblance to Pari’s. The song Humnava is a piece about the plight of the characters in the film.

Performance-wise, Vedita Pratap Singh tries her best to keep the film together. Yuvraaj Parashar does a decent job. Sonia Alvizuri manages to pull off her role well. Rajesh Sharma’s cameo as an exorcist salvages the film for some time. Samiksha Bhatt’s performance as the ghost is okay. Jaya Virlley has made a good attempt. 


Verdict: Dud!

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