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Movie Review: Rangeela Raja

Banner: Chiragdeep International

Producer: Pahlaj Nihalani

Director: Sikander Bharti

Cast: Govinda, Mishika Chourasiya, Anumpa Agnihotri, Digangana Suryavanshi, Shakti Kapoor, Govind Namdeo

Writers: Khalid Azmi, Raj Verma

Music: Ishwar Kumar

There are some films that will make even the most hardcore cinephile lose faith in the magical world of cinema and one of those films is the latest Govinda-starrer Rangeela Raja. Apart from the bad acting, direction, storyline and songs, the film also features sexism, domestic abuse and workplace sexual harassment and many other elements that make it a shining example of what not to do in this industry.

The ‘story’ – the makers call it that – is about two brothers who are of different chronological ages but are still identical twins! The elder one, Vijay Prasad Singh, is of Jodhpur royalty and a complete sleazebag. The younger one, Ajay Prasad Singh, is a righteous sadhu whose devotion is broken by a skimpily clad Lord Shiva bhakt. Vijay is a poster boy for sexual harassment and rapes one of his employees. Righteous Ajay finds out about this and with the help of his girlfriend Alekha, Vijay’s wife, their sister and a few others, helps Vijay see the light.

Directed by Sikander Bharti, this film is all about an ageing Govinda attempting to go back to the ‘90s with a staple mix of stale jokes, loud clothes and dance moves that don’t suit him any more. Shakti Kapoor’s antics further send this film spiraling down.

There are many flaws in the film. There is actually a scene which shows Vijay Prasad Singh’s wife being kidnapped and forced to sit on a camel in the desert, which is apparently in Jodhpur. The reason she is kidnapped is a punishment for her husband. The kidnapper wants to send her to Pakistan and instructs the camel to take her there. You also see a milestone inscribed with ‘Pakistan LOC’ and, of course, there are no security guards on either side.

Performance-wise, Govinda has a double role - two times the disappointment for viewers. Mishika Chourasiya and Anupma Agnihotri, who make their debut with this film, are even worse. Digangana Suryavanshi is okay. Shakti Kapoor and Govind Namdeo are annoying.

Verdict: Avoid, please! 

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