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Movie Review

  • Aakrosh

    Filmmaking is not only about making a good product. It’s about releasing a movie when the time is right and promoting it while keeping the theme in mind.
  • Do Dooni Chaar

    First things first. Let’s welcome talented director Habib Faisal with open arms and congratulate Planman for backing a complete family entertainer.
  • Bachao

    This is a horror-cumcomic flick that should have stayed in the closet!
  • Lava Kusa: The Warrior Twins

    The opening scenes – the chariot speeding, the depiction of different seasons, the formation of creatures, the backdrop, all are beautifully sketched in the film, resulting in a colourful product ripe
  • Crook

    A bunch of newspaper headlines and a controversial theme does not a film make.
  • Robot

    Judging by the kind of cinema Shankar had made in the past, rest assured this man is a genius and ahead of his time.
  • Anjaana Anjaani

    It may be a tried and tested formula but for a romantic film to work, the lead pair must fall in love with each other, and the audience must fall in love with them too.
  • Dabangg

    He walks, he smiles, he fights, he dances, he jokes, he emotes, he cries, he sings, he laughs… he does everything the audience wants him to do. And he does it with élan.
  • Mallika

    Remember Help, not so long ago? Quality-wise, Mallika is déjà vu. It is another film that leaves you wondering whether this house of horror now equates ‘horror’ with ‘horrible’.
  • We Are Family

    At the very beginning, you’re told this is an official adaptation of Stepmom.
  • Hello Darling

    Life does not give you many chances but you have to seize them. Alas, director Manoj Tiwari didn’t, at least not while making Hello Darling.
  • Antardwand

    This movie can be summed up with just two dialogues and the context in which they’re used.