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Much-Delayed Shabri Gets A Sequel!

Lalit Marathe’s first directorial venture Shabri featuring Isha Koppikar is all set to release this weekend (August 26) and the director has already planned a sequel to the film. Penned by Marathe himself, Shabri has been in the making for almost five years and was stalled at the post-production stage. Marathe used the time to not only write a sequel to the film, the script of which is almost complete, but to also author a book about the film’s making titled A Dog’s Friday.

“I wanted to take the story of Shabri forward and so I scripted an exciting sequel. Ever since Shabri’s release got delayed, I used this time to write my first novel, which is about my journey as a filmmaker and my experiences during the making of the film,” says Marathe, who has written films like Bhoot in the past.

Shabri is the story a simple woman from a Mumbai slum who ends up shaking the biggest corridors of power in the matka underworld. It’s a story of survival, dignity, determination and human triumph in the face of impossible odds.

Made on a shoestring budget of around Rs 3 crore, the filmmaker claims he shot at various slums and streets and other common locations across Mumbai to keep the cost in check. The film was well received internationally too and was the opening film at the Rome Film Festival in 2006.

Apparently, a standoff between Marathe and producer Ram Gopal Varma, delayed Shabri. However, clearing the air, Marathe says, “There was never an issue between RGV and me. He read my script and really liked it and encouraged me to direct the film. He showed immense faith in me and never interfered with my work. He supported me in every possible way. It was like I got everything on a platter.”

Now that the film is all set to hit cinemas, Marathe is keeping his fingers crossed.

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