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Mumbai 118

Earlier titled Bar Girl, Mumbai 118, deals with a story of a young girl, Kohinoor Khan. She comes to Mumbai and works as a bar girl, to eke out a living for her family back home. She has several admirers but the one that catches her fancy is, Aditya Raj Kapoor, a builder. He provides her with a decent living and also arranges a house for her, much against her uncle Mushtaque Khan’s wishes who wants her to marry his son, Kiran Janjani. Time passes by. Now a mother of one, a lonely Kohinoor gradually gets close to Kiran. But his evil ways and greed brings her back on the roads with no future.

The film deals in an outdated theme; you have seen one bar girl’s life you have seen them all. Neither anything in the star cast nor music or a technical aspect makes Mumbai 118 stand out.

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