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My Friend Ganesha 3

Director Rajiv Ruia, who earlier made My Friend Ganesha, 1 and 2, makes yet another  attempt for a third sequel, combining animated characters with real-life actors.

The story revolves around Ganya (Rahul Pendkalkar), a small kid, who has lost his parents years ago, leaving him with his uncle Nagesh (Sayaji Shinde) and aunt Chandramukhi (Himani Shivpuri). The main intention of Nagesh and Chandramukhi is to usurp the villa belonging to Ganya. In a bid to do so, they make his life miserable. Unable to take any more torture Ganya, runs away from home and seeks shelter at Lord Ganesha’s temple where he finds Gangu Tai (Eva Grover), who is praying there. Gangu Tai, who has never had a child, finds a son in Ganya and likewise Ganya finds a mother in Gangu Tai. She takes him to her home.

At their wit’s end, Nagesh and Chandramukhi, frantically look for Ganya, but in vain. However, Chandramukhi’s brother, Bala (Makrand Anaspure) finds him and hands him over to his sister. An unhappy Ganya cries out to Lord Ganesha for help. Soon the Lord appears and fulfils his wish to go back to Gangu Tai. 

The second half of the film includes many songs and is a lot more fun when animated Ganesha is seen in a cute and adorable dance number, rendered by none other than Baba Sehgal.   
My Friend Ganesha 3 will be enjoyed by children and believers and will have a long shelf life on VCD/DVD formats.

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