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There are some characters that remain with you even after the end credits roll. Dipper is one such character. Sunil Grover share his experience of working in his recent release Pataakha

On the brief

The script was the brief. As I got the script, I read it, and then we had a reading with the cast. Whatever was there in the script, I just followed it. While we were executing the scenes, Vishal (Bhardwaj) sir would tell me, ‘Isko thoda sa zyada kar lo, isko thoda kam karo.’ Later, if he wasn't okay with the outcome, he would fix the scene. Sometimes while locking the scenes, he would tell us about the emotions he wanted to capture and sometimes he wouldn’t describe those and just shoot it. If he felt that the scene went right from the actor’s side, then it was fine, otherwise he would change it. Even about the characterization - what a character is doing, the physicality - Vishal sir decided the costume, the make-up and the kind of look every character would have. For me, everything was on the plate. I just had to go and perform it.

On the role

This is a naughty character. He is someone who instigates fights. But he also helps when needed. The mindset of this person, what he is actually trying to do, was interesting for me. Initially he is happy when he says something to one sister and something else to the other, making them fight. But when they need him, to save them from marriage, he helps both girls to run away and get married to boys they like. At a point when the sisters can’t fight due to their promise to their father, Dipper helps them to separate. And when needed, he also helps them reunite. This was a nice, interesting character.

On the director

Everybody knows that he is a good director. Since I had not worked with him before, initially, for two-three days, I didn’t understand the zone he was working in, or how he was filming it. I have immense respect for his work and the kind of films that he has made. I love his music too. So initially I was nervous about how I would I approach this character and how he was approaching it, or what his way of functioning was. But after two-three scenes, I got quite comfortable. As a director, he first lets you do your thing and if he is fine with it, it is okay, otherwise he changes it. With me, this is the kind of mechanism he used.

On the co-actors

Radhika Madan and Sanya Malhotra are very hard working girls with lots of energy. They come from big cities and had to lead the life of villagers. They did everything for the role, be it a cowdung fight or the way they kept their hair in some scenes. They were ready to transform and they gave it their 100 per cent. They were very passionate about their work.

On the response

My friends and family, whoever messaged me, they liked my work very much. I was just doing my job. I don’t know how good or bad I was.

Future projects

I am currently shooting for the Salman Khan film Bharat in Abu Dhabi. For now this is the only film that I am working on.

– Bhavi Gathani

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