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Nautanki Saala!

Ayushmann Khurrana’s Saadi galli aaja is a worthy follow up to Paani da rang (Vicky Donor). The actor does a commendable job with his delivery of this simple, melodious song that’s been set to tune by him and Rochak Kohli. The Punjabi lyrics aren’t difficult to comprehend either. It also helps that Neeti Mohan puts in a strong supporting performance. She plays a bigger part in the unplugged version, which, with its Caribbean feel, makes for some great listening.

Pakistani composer Falak Shabbir’s composition Mera mann is a soothing ballad that appeals almost instantly. This easy-on-the-ears romantic number is present in four different versions. Of the lot, it’s Falak’s original track that makes a strong mark due to the singer’s effortless rendition and the infectious guitar and harmonica blend.

Mikey McCleary twists the superhit number Dhak dhak karne laga from Beta and makes it one of the spunkiest remixes you have heard in recent times. Actor Saba Azad’s sounds terrific and the prominent male chorus (Geet Sagar, Bruno Carvalo, Santosh Sawant, Jovian Soans) is very effective. Good fun! McCleary retains Nitin Mukesh’s original voice and most of the original arrangement in the remix of So gaya yeh jahan, but ups the tempo. This once peaceful number is now an enjoyable techno track.

Though Khurrana’s delivery is soulful, it’s a tad laboured in Tu hi tu. But strong lyrics by Kausar Munir and McCleary’s stunning composition make it a marvelous track that will have you reaching for the rewind button. Draamebaaz (Geet Sagar) is perhaps the weakest link in the album, working more as a situational track that will work best within the context of the film.

Rashid Khan’s sole composition Sapna mera toota works within the conventional Bollywood Sufi template. Rashid also throws in elements of qawwalli and an English chorus bit for good measure. But it’s Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s excellent rendition that makes this heartbreaking number worth it. The highlight track of this album, however, is Dil ki…toh lag gayi by Saba Azad. The lyrics by Munir are a riot and McCleary’s lazily paced retro composition is seductive and whacky. Azad’s drawl-like delivery is both sexy and charming and will have you hooked to this delicious song!

Verdict: Must buy!

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