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New Beginnings

There are some characters that remain with you even after the end credits roll. Ammaji is one such character. Debutante Yamini Dass (wife of ghazal singer Chandan Dass) share her experience of working in Sui Dhaaga - Made In India

On the brief

I didn’t know much about my role in the beginning. My name was suggested for this character and at the audition I met Sharat (Katariya) for the first time. He gave me some dialogues, a short introduction about Ammaji and that was it. Only when I got a call back did I get the complete script. He then told me about Ammaji is and her personality. The briefing happened then.

On the role

For the housewife, her vision is restricted to her home. I have met so many women whose entire lives revolve around their homes. They do not know about what exists outside that. Even when you have a conversation with them, it will be about what they cooked and how they cooked it. So that was what I wanted to bring to Ammaji as well. When I discussed this with Sharat and he asked me about what I thought of the character, I told him. And he agreed with my thought process. 

I also got a lot of advice from my son Namit. This is my first acting job, so he prepared me. He told me that I was not to sit idle, when I am in a scene - even if I am in the background, I should be doing something. I mean, that is how housewives are! Even now, as I am talking to you, I am checking on the food cooking in the kitchen.

On the director

Sharat is an extremely helpful director.  He gave a lot of inputs and it really helped, especially since this was my first film. Mahesh Sharma, who also plays Yogesh in the film, helped me with my lines. Sharat appointed him to work on the language as well. And thanks to Sharat for giving me so many avenues to explore the character of Ammaji.

On the co-stars

When I found out that I would be working opposite Raghubir Yadav, my heart skipped a beat. I mean, he is such a legend and I thanked God for giving me this opportunity in my first film. The fact that I was sharing screen space with him, standing next to him, was amazing. I have seen him and his work for so many years, but he is such a simple person. He doesn’t talk much. Anyone else with such vast experience like his would have kept talking about his work. But he is not like that. He is a simple and straightforward person. So working with him was a wonderful experience.

And then Varun (Dhawan) and Anushka (Sharma) - they are so down-to-earth. I had a good time working with them as well. Especially Anushka - I had most scenes with her. She helped me a lot. I had learned my dialogues but was still a novice when it came to how to talk to the camera, or how to walk. She helped me with all of that.

And then with Sawan (Tank) and Manukriti Pahwa, we all became such good friends and we still are. The atmosphere on the sets was so cordial and pleasant.

On the response

I am getting a lot of love and appreciation from the family. Namit’s friends have been sending such wonderful messages congratulating me and the film. Also, this film is very special to us as it gave us time to bond as a family. Namit would visit during the shooting in Chanderi and it felt good to have him there. We would practice our scenes together. So overall this has been a great experience and the appreciation is overwhelming.

Future projects

There are a few offers and talks are on. Let us see what materializes. Announcements will be made soon. So you will be seeing more of me in films.

– Padma Iyer

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