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Phaans: Ek Jasoos Ki Kahani

Cast: Jawahar, Kanan  Malhotra, Moin Khan, Shieva Munjal, Raza Murad, Vidya Sinha, Reshma Modi, Amita Nangia, Aadil Rana, Shiraj Murtaza, Rakesh Hans
Producer: Jawahar L Jairath
Director: A Chitransh
Story: A Chitransh
Cinematographer: Thomas A Xavier
Music Director: Dilip Sen
Banner: J C Film Productions

Phaans: Ek Jasoos Ki Kahani is about an espionage agent of sorts with Indian family honour and emotions woven in. It also is a story of how a secret agent may have risked or lost his life for his country but his sacrifice goes unsung since he is a secret agent and there are no medals or public felicitations for him.

Jawahar (Jawahar L Jairath) is a spy who has not only been removed from service unceremoniously, but also his son Jatin (Kanan Malhotra), serving in the Indian army, has committed suicide having been branded a traitor. Post Pokharan nuclear tests, in 1998, Pakistan is reported to have planned terror attacks on India. Only one man can go across the border and do the job of foiling this attempt and that is Jawahar. However, Jawahar is now old and the mantle of restoring the family honour by proving his dead son’s innocence falls on his grand-daughter, Sameera (Shieva Mumjal).

Performance wise the film is a big letdown. Experienced actors like Raza Murad and Vidya Sinha are wasted. The story is as is the screenplay — juvenile. Rest of the technical aspects are immature. All said, Phaans: Ek Jasoos Ki Kahani is more immature than an amateur film maker’s home movie.

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