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Pipsi song Goos: The emotional journey of a girl to save her mother will pull at your heartstrings - watch video

The song Goos from Marathi film Pipsi was put online by Zee Music Marathi and it has completely captured the audience’s heart with the cute video. The film, which is based on a little girl’s innocuous friendship with a little boy and their commitment to save her dying mother, has created a lot of buzz but this song will raise the bar of excitement to another level. In fact, the song brings in a new approach on how we should perceive the reality of life. The film also highlights and brings out the reality of our community.

This song is a symbol of love and the girl's relationship with her ill mother.  This song has been written by Omkark Kulkarni and we have to say it is beautiful! Ayesha Sayyed gave her voice to this beautiful song and it surely has touched our hearts. The song was released all over Maharashtra and has got positive feedback from everyone. The adventures of eight-year-old, Chaani and Balu, as they try to save a fish, believing its fate to be tied to Chaani's ailing mother, set in drought-stricken Maharashtra is one compelling plot and the song very beautifully portrays that. Check out the song right here and share with us your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

The movie is not only based on the mother and daughter's loving relationship, but it also on the topic of troubles that poor farmers go through. Pipsi is a fish that the protagonist catches with her best friend, giving the subsequent title to the movie. Written by Saurabh Bhave and directed by Rohan Deshpande, this movie is a perfect blend of emotions and social issue. Stay tuned to Box Office India for more Marathi content.


-Ananya Swaroop. 

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